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Sectors Covered

Sectors Covered...

MVNO Services cover a wide and varied range of sectors from corporate companies to charities and organisations.

International Corporations

Using our own profitable MVNO model, we have now made it possible for international corporations to run and maintain their own mobile network for employees, thereby saving thousands of pounds in call and data costs.

  • Own SIM Branding
  • Low International Call Rates
  • Data
  • Monitor SIM Usage
  • VoIP
  • User Online Accounts
  • SMS
  • Set User Usage Limits
  • SIM Location Tracking
  • Fully Hosted Secure Server
  • Full Administration Interface
  • MVNO Services Support

Charities & Organisations

Many registered charities or organisations are looking for new ways to recruit supporters or raise funds and they spend thousands on TV and other forms of advertising to achieve this.

MVNO Services offers a unique way of not only increasing your charity awareness but a way of building a constant revenue stream every time a user makes a call, for a start-up fee far less than the cost of a commercial TV advert. Once in place your SIM users will benefit from from all the perks and benefits you have to offer and can be kept up to date with your news and events without costly SMS advertising via a third party.

  • Your Organisations Branding
  • Low International Call Rates
  • Set Your Own Call Rates
  • Bulk SMS User's
  • Full Administartion Interface
  • User Online Accounts
  • Fully Hosted Secure Server
  • MVNO Services Support

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